I made this:

The internet used to be fun

I feel like more people these days are starting to reject the notion that the internet is made up of Big Websites that represent Big Companies that are trying to take either the attention or the money of their visitors while adding minimal value to the lives and well-being of those visitors.

Because a lot of us remember when the internet was mostly just fun, and the good parts of the old internet were by and large created by real individual humans who had no motives other than to explore the internet and just put stuff out there that was interesting and fun and random. We were just being curious about technology and the web.

Anyway, I had what I thought was a BRILLIANT and UNIQUE idea a few years ago to write some kind of manifesto or call to action about taking back the web or something about my nostalgia for the old web or how a personal website is like a lived-in home on the web or something along those lines… but turns out a lot of other people have had the same ideas and already shared their thoughts while I was over here patting myself on the back about my ideas but doing nothing actionable about them 😅. So all I did was start collecting a bunch of those links into a JSON file, and then build a single page mini-site at the link above.

(I’ll write up how I ended up setting up the page in a separate note later because it was both straightforward and not. Hugo made it pretty easy to do conceptually; in essence I just spun up a new site locally, created a new subdomain, pointed the site at the subdomain, and that was it, but it was way more roundabout than that description makes it sound and I ended up going through a lot of trial and error.)