I keep an eye on the news through peripheral vision mostly but I noticed something about the confirmation hearings of the honorable Ketanji Brown Jackson that required my focus:

Screenshot of a news image of a courtroom photo showing Hon. Ketanji Brown Jackson's husband sitting with one leg crossed over the other. He is wearing a suit and a bright blue sock is visible under his pant leg.

Hon. Ketanji Brown Jackson’s husband

No, not the husband. The SOCK:

Close-up of the previous image of Hon. Ketanji Brown Jackson's husband, his bright blue sock specifically.

Hon. Ketanji Brown Jackson’s husband’s sock

I’m not quite sure what the design is (looks like some kind of illustration of a face), but what I do know is that it is a funky sock. Why is he wearing a funky sock?!

On further research (googling “Ketanji Brown Jackon husband”), I discover he is a surgeon.

Ahh, now it makes sense.

Why do surgeons wear funky socks? I used to wear a funky sock (two, even) in my OR days. It was because it was one of the few acceptable ways to show my personality in that setting. You’re wearing the same scrubs as everyone else, your hair and face are covered, and, once you’re scrubbed, your arms, hands, torso, lower body, basically everything is covered. Your socks are covered, too—but in your mind you know they are funky, and perhaps that is what gets you through the most stressful days.

Sidebar: I thought I remembered a website called surgsoxx.com or something like that from those days but it’s possible that it was just a Twitter hashtag or that I am conflating it with throx.com, a site I heard about from a vascular surgeon who wore the funkiest socks I’ve seen to this day, and told me he used throx.com because they would send you three socks instead of two in a set, to account for inevitably losing one in the laundry, which I thought was a great idea. The closest thing to “surgsoxx” I could find today was a veterinary product called Surgi-sox, which, while not quite what I was looking for, was a delightful detour:

Screenshot of a product image for Surgi-sox featuring a grey standard poodle wearing what appears to be a Spandex shirt with forelimb sleeves

This standard poodle looks suspiciously like a Park Slope athleisure mom and I am absolutely losing it.

I mean, look at this list of indications.

Screenshot of a list of indications for use from the Surgi-sox website. The first three list items are Wounds, Abrasions, Incisions; Skin Lesions associated with Dermatological Disease; and Chronic Obsessive Licking of the Torso.

Imagine the dog park stigma if your dog friends knew you had to wear a Lululemon shirt because of your chronic obsessive licking of the torso :(

Anyway. Surgeon socks!