Since my last update to this page in October,

  • I went back to the Midwest for a week to help family with some acute health issues. It was both strange and familiar being back in suburbia, where parking spots are plentiful and people say hello to each other at the Jewel-Osco
  • I am dreaming about summer. It’s been unseasonably warm in New York this winter, but every time we hit a cold snap I turn into a little Kwonsicle it’s like ahhhh I remember this πŸ™
  • I rewatched Buffy the Vampire Slayer up til the end of season 5 and then started watching Angel, the spinoff, which I never really got into when it was on contemporaneously with Buffy (I was 15 years old and it was a little too Adult for me at the time)β€”I’m up to the middle of season 3 now

This page is my contribution to the /now page movement by Derek Sivers.