• Excited about moving (back) to Brooklyn
  • A little anxious about moving
  • Thinking about my relationship and what it means to commit to working on it every day
  • Having too much fun working on this website—my latest epiphany was understanding the difference between index.md and _index.md, largely thanks to this post on the Hugo forum
  • Proud of the lion’s head meatballs, 狮子头, I made for dinner last night. I looked at a few recipes (Omnivore’s Cookbook, Woks of Life, and Red House Spice) for inspiration and then as usual just kind of ended up doing my own thing. For the sauce, I used some leftover phở broth that I thickened with cornstarch and also dropped a rock sugar in it. I had made the phở broth a few weeks ago from long bones I took home from Au Cheval because we wanted to be indulgent and try bone marrow but it was so fatty and rich that neither of us could really eat it (oops) so I was like “please put these bones in a bag for me, thank you” and they were like “okay” and I took them home and made 6 quarts of phở broth in the Instant Pot.

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